Barac's caves

14 Aug

Barac’s caves

Barac’s caves are located approximately six kilometers east of Rakovica (main road Zagreb-Split), slightly more than half a kilometer west of the center of the village Nova Kršlja. Entrances to all three caves on the north side of Barac worried. At the very foot of Brina, between the entrance to the cave is a source Baraćevac, who with two other smaller (no names) formed Kršlja, which is about twenty feet below the creek merges Suvaja. Kršlja runs several miles through the field and on its east side, a series of abyss, Varićakovu enters the cave, it a majority of water masses in its tracks.

Barac’s caves were also known as Radakovic. The surname Barac does not exist anymore in this region – it is a toponym period before or during the Turkish raids. According to the oral tradition of the local people, the name comes from a cave Barac that is in these caves in heroically and defeated a raging Turkish giant and deserved the honor. We know that there are three caves. Some call them the Great and Small, upper and lower, and the third just – Third, which apparently has nothing to do with the previous two. After discovering a new entrance and position, and now the new channels, we have called – New Barac’s cave.